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September 2020

Understanding Diabetic Gastroparesis

September 21, 2020
Gastroparesis is a rare and severe digestive condition affecting only around 4% of the US population. However, if you are diabetic, your chances of developing gastroparesis increase dramatically.
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Immunization Myths: Safety Facts vs. Fiction

September 18, 2020
Like most of us, it’s normal if your focus over the past few months has been on navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much national attention on the need for a coronavirus vaccine, now is a good time to revisit the topic of immunizations and important role they play in keeping us safe and healthy.
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4 Tips for soothing your psoriasis

September 17, 2020
Nearly 7.5 million Americans suffer with psoriasis, a chronic skin condition that often causes severe itching and painful red welts on their knees, elbows, lower back, and other parts of the body. While psoriasis is a life-long condition, there are steps you can take to help alleviate its appearance and the symptoms that come with it.
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Learning from Home – Helping your Child Adjust

September 3, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to require change in the way we navigate through daily life, and that includes your child’s schooling. You’ve already had to deal with adjusting your own work schedule, but now it’s time to think about your child’s development during this “new normal,” especially if they are learning from home. Below are strategies for helping your child adapt to their new schooling situation.
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Breastfeeding: When is it time to stop?

September 2, 2020
August was National Breastfeeding Month, marking awareness of an important aspect of caring for a baby. It’s a topic that carries with it questions and decisions for parents. “Is breastfeeding the right thing for my baby?” Or, if a mother is breastfeeding: “When is it time to stop?” Here, we’re going to offer some information on the topic of breastfeeding and share some professional guidelines and options you may want to consider.
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