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Halloween Safety:

Tips for More Fun, Less Risk

Keeping your kids safe on Halloween is always a priority—whether it’s choosing non-flammable costume materials, establishing precautions while trick-or-treating from house to house, or inspecting candy to make sure it’s safe to consume. But this year, risk of coronavirus spread calls for a new level of attention. Here are a few reminders on tips for keeping Halloween safe, including new guidance for having fun while protecting against COVID-19 infection.

Be Creative with Costumes and Face Coverings:
Instead of masks, try nontoxic makeup to give your child their fright-inspiring Halloween look. Aside from being an uncomfortable distraction, masks can impair vision. With COVID-19-related safety a consideration this year, face makeup will make it easier for your child to wear a protective mask or face covering, which you can even creatively customize to make it a part of your child’s costume.

See and Be Seen:
If your child is going out for after-dark trick-or-treating, make sure their costume includes a handy flashlight so they are able to illuminate their way. You also want them to be easily visible, especially if they will be crossing streets. Place reflective tape on candy buckets so children can be easily spotted from a distance. Choosing bright or neon colors for costumes will also keep them safer if traffic is nearby.

Set Rules:
Give your child a curfew time for returning home, or even assign them a chaperon or companion they are to stay with at all times. Require them to carry a cell phone in case of emergency. Remind them of the basic rules to follow throughout the night, such as staying on sidewalks, approaching only well-lit homes, and not entering any house or car for treats. Also, remind them of social distancing, and that they should not make physical contact with anyone.

Inspect Treats:
When your child returns home from trick-or-treating, make sure they change out of their costume, and wash up and sanitize. While they are doing that, inspect their treats to ensure everything they collected represents candy you recognize, and that everything is well wrapped and in good condition. When you are feel confident everything is safe to share and consume, let your child enjoy the treats and continue the Halloween fun.
Remember, a safe Halloween requires preparation, guidelines, and ground rules. And even in a year when health safety poses added risk for trick-or-treaters, a little extra attention and caution can make Halloween both spooky and safe.



Posted: 10/27/2020 11:44:28 AM by John Lynch