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The 3 Best Exercises You Need to Lose the Excess Weight

Did you know that the Bronx has the highest rates of obesity in the city?1 In fact, residents in this neighborhood are predisposed, or vulnerable, to obesity with an 85% increased chance1 of being obese, making it a primary concern with doctors in the Bronx.

Even more interesting is the fact that there are specific genes that can make you even more predisposed to obesity.

Before you conclude that the odds are stacked against you and call it quits, know that genetic-related obesity is actually a double-edged sword.

And the upside to this sword?

Research has shown there are exercises that are very effective at specifically helping those with genetic-related obesity lose the weight. And keep it off.

But before we share these exercises, make sure you block out 20-30 minutes in your day to try them—for example, when your kids are at school or napping.

Alright, done? Great. Let’s talk about the 3 best exercises you need to help lose the excess weight.

1. Jogging

Jogging2 is the number one exercise for losing weight with genetic-related obesity.

There may be several reasons why:

Jogging is an outdoor activity

Being outdoors increases your exposure to daylight and can boost your vitamin D levels.

Did you know that obese people have been shown to have low serum vitamin D levels?3 In fact, studies suggest that obesity can even cause vitamin D deficiency.4

Vitamin D5 plays an important role in insulin sensitivity, hunger cues, and metabolism. So increasing this vitamin can:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Decrease hunger6

All of which add up to reduced body fat.

A primary care doctor in the Bronx can help you determine your vitamin D levels and how to boost them to help you lose weight.

It boosts your mood

Being outdoors can boost your mood, whether you’re in nature or in the city. We are wired to be outdoors7 and love it. Think about the times when you felt good being out after being cooped up inside.

You’re likely to stick with it

Because it boosts your mood and overall makes you feel good, you’re likely to stick with it, meaning you’ll be able to lose the weight AND keep it off long-term.

2. Mountain Climbing

Like jogging, mountain climbing is an outdoor activity. More and more research is supporting the benefits of “green exercise,”8 such as jogging and mountain climbing.

Vitamin D and mood boost

Also, like jogging, mountain climbing will help boost your mood and your vitamin D levels.

Mountain climbing will especially boost your mood because you’re guaranteed to be in open, green spaces to do this activity. A 2010 study8 showed that just 5 minutes of being in open, green spaces improves mood.

Decreases stress

Feeling and being happier is a great way to fight off stress. Chronic stress is everywhere nowadays. And it can promote comfort eating, which can result in weight gain.

Taking 20-30 minutes to do a green exercise and having a conversation can be more effective at reducing stress than comfort eating. Other ways of breaking the comfort eating cycle can be discussed with a primary care doctor.

Requires more physical exertion

Mountain climbing requires a lot of physical exertion because many muscles of your body are at work here, meaning you’ll burn more calories.

3. Walking

Walking is also effective because it has the same benefits as the previous exercises.

In addition, walking is a low-intensity exercise.9 When doing low-intensity exercises, your body actually uses fat as opposed to carbs or glucose for energy.9 This can help with overall fat loss, especially when there are other benefits that specifically help with genetic-related obesity.


  • Find 20-30 minutes per day for exercise.
  • Jogging is the best exercise for losing the excess weight, followed by mountain climbing and then walking.


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